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ServiceGuru works across your entire team

In your office

ServiceGuru cuts down on your paperwork and keeps everything organised in one place. Whether you're part of an office team or run things on your own, we will make your operation leaner, meaner and more efficient. 

On the road

Our team management tools make it easy to keep everyone perfectly up to date when they're on the go. Access customer info, send your team updates or tell customers if you've hit traffic from the road.

On site

Our app gives you all the info you need for a job and only the info for that job. Quote, take payments and manage your business in real time even when you're on site.


Job management software tailored specifically to your service business

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Watch our system in action 

Powerful software you simply 

can't afford to live without! 

(their words not ours)

Since working with ServiceGuru I have so much less to worry about when running my business.

I was looking for a better way to deal with all the admin. Now all my customer info is organised and in one place and I make more money since nothing slips through the gaps anymore.

Best of all, my business is so much more professional and my customers have really noticed.


ServiceGuru its powerful software you simply can't afford to live without!


Matt, MS Electrical, Cambridge, Ely and Newmarket

I came to ServiceGuru because I needed a better way to manage my team and to speed up the paperwork for each job. Now I coordinate and track my team from my office in real time. We send technical drawings, schematics and photos back and forth instantly. Even better, I can allocate a job to an engineer and before he’s even left the carpark I can get a quote to the customer.


In our business speed matters and having ServiceGuru has given us an edge over our competition.


Working with them has been brilliant too. I would recommend their services to any business that’s looking to save time and get ahead.


Tim, All Chilled, Kent

What do you need to run your business better



Hit the ground running

Don't have the time to set up and configure your system yourself, No worries, we've got you covered!


Fully customisable  -  Affordable  -  No software to download

We'll help you get up and running quickly.

And we're always there for you along the way with training and unrivaled customer support.

Industries we excel in

ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for Electricians
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for builders
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for landscapers and gardeners
Landscaping & Gardening
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for plumbers
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for painters and decorators
Painting & Decorating
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for sole traders
Sole Traders
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for Security and Fire Prevention
Security & Fire Prevention
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 fo cleaners
Cleaning & Window Services
ServiceGuru ServiceM8 for craftsmen
Home Repair

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