Meeting Today's Customer Expectations

Meeting Today's Customer Expectations

The best way to explain this is simply to think like a customer. A customer has a repair need. They are really stressed about it and they want the repair to be done now - weekend, evening or holiday. They want to know exactly when the technician will arrive, how long it will take and whether the repair can be fixed there and then. And, most importantly, how much it's going to cost.

Bear in mind that there is a lot of competition for that business, but the customer called you, not someone else. How are you going to prove to that customer that they did the right thing by calling you? Do you have a system that can cope with everything that this customer is asking for? If you need to go back to the office to create a quote or order a part, then you are not going to be able to fulfil that customers requirements.

This is where ServiceGuru can help. Our software is tailored specifically to your requirements and to the requirements of your customer. Your customer will know exactly when you will arrive as you are able to call, send text or email notifications to them. You will never have to go back to the office to prepare a quote as you can do it all on your mobile phone or tablet in front of the customer and send it to them while you're there! You will be able to accurately log time and parts used while on the job and you will be able to invoice and accept payments. Any notes and special requests can be added specifically to that job or customer for future use. This will meet all of your customers requirements and more!

As a guide, research tells us that these are the things consumers care most about:

Q: What do your connected customers want?

A: Responsiveness – a quick response to an emergency.

A: Prepared technicians -

Full access to the repair information and parts required to complete the job.

Arriving knowing the customers requirements and any historical preferences.

A: Real time updates

A: To know when your technician will arrive.

A: Immediate status both online and mobile.

In summary

Do your current systems meet their expectations wherever they are?

Increasing your company connectivity by the introduction of mobile applications benefits both the customer and the company.

Organisation Benefits:

Cost containment



Customer Benefits:

Service reliability


Ease of interaction

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