Your Business In a Digital Age

When we think about digital technology we often think about whether it improves or complicates our lives. The truth is that having this technology allows us to run our business from practically anywhere. Since it was first seen over 20 years ago, it has advanced into its current form of wifi and 4G. You can do marketing and selling online, customer service, stock management, payroll, tax filing, business banking and finance. As long as you have a connection, it’s all possible.

The word digital doesn’t have to be scary. There is so much it can do. It can both save you money and make you money.

For a lot of businesses, investing in this kind of technology is a huge undertaking and getting it right is paramount. Over 60% of businesses with 5 employees or less are not digitally engaged. Many business owners are set in their “card system” ways and don’t like the idea of giving over their business to computers. For those that have, it’s about eeking out as much time in the day as possible to build their business and then giving their customers a quick, more efficient service.

The biggest challenge for small businesses is where to start. The simple way is to start on social media to reach out to your local, national, or International communities to build awareness of your product, service, shop, website or location. Use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin who all have excellent help sections.

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