Struggling to remember all of your passwords?

In this day and age with literally every website requiring a password or signup it has now become a real challenge trying to create let alone remember all of the passwords we need! So what do most of us do? Well probably one of 2 things, fist we choose something that's easy to remember and secondly we tend to use the same ones again and again. Now of course this is something we all know make us rather vulnerable to a breach, but whats the solution?

Well here are our Top 5 picks to help you secure your online presence better and make you life just that little bit easier:

Dashlane -

If you're already using an iphone or ipad, you will probably already have Dashlane dowloaded as an app. It's so easy to use and once set-up it will auto-fill the correct password on each site across all of your devices. You can also store Paypal account details, bank account details and payment cards. Their straightforward tools will enable you to change a password instantly, generate a new password and share Dashlane on your computer.

LastPass - (personal favorite)

Enhanced authentication, application password management and password sharing groups. LastPass stores all of your information in a big online vault. Once you've downloaded the programme and given it a Master password it will be stored on your timeline. Every morning you login and it will start remembering all of your details from emails to banking.

LogMeOnce -

Features built-in anti-theft. It's password generator helps you to create really strong passwords too. They will stop any kind of "brute force" attack which is one where a hacker continuously uses key searching to crack a code.

Sticky -

You can choose no cloud Wi-Fi sync so your passwords never leave your home network. This means that you are the protector of all of your stored data. No-one is able to access it except you. It's secure, easy to use and really safe.

Keeper -

Syncs your passwords and files across all platforms with security as its main focus. Keeper has all of the same features as those above. There is also a Family Plan available where you can save passwords for the whole family. This is particularly helpful for parents with children accessing the internet. It keeps the whole family safe!

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