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ServiceGuru Chrome Extension

Ever wanted to see which jobs your Staff are checked in and how long they have been at a job? This great little feature will make a massive difference and will help you locate which jobs your staff are at in seconds!

Staff Leave Self Service Add-on

Your Staff will now be able to request leave by simply clicking on the link on Your website. Once they select dates and click 'request', an email will be sent to a dedicated Team member or the business owner. At this stage, leave can be accepted or declined. If accepted, leave will automatically be added to Your ServiceM8 calendar. If leave is declined, an automatic email will be returned, suggesting to have a quick chat to find a suitable alternative.

ServiceGuru Reviews Add-on

Did you know that positive comments from customers produce an average increase in sales of 18% and that consumers are likely to spend 31% more because of positive reviews? This powerful Add-on will allow you to collect customer reviews and the all-important star ratings that display on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Advanced Job Tracker

We don't need to tell you that not all jobs are straightforward... Some consist of many different tasks, and take days or even weeks to complete!
Our Advanced Job Tracker will allow you to easily manage tasks or projects by adding requests and tracking progress across the job. 

Branded Customer Portal

Give your Customers access to your very own branded portal where they can easily access quotes, invoices, certificates or any other documents related to their job. This product is sure to save you tons of time in answering queries so you can focus on most important things within your business!

Facebook + Email Marketing Add-on

Micro-target your customers on Facebook or Email based on your existing client data! Promote different products to your audience based on their past behaviour, purchase history, location and more. This clever Add-on will allow you to create Facebook ads or marketing emails based on the products you wish to promote, quickly and effortlessly, all within the ServiceM8! 

Beta Testers

We are currently looking for Beta testers to trial our new products. If you like being at the bleeding edge and are happy to provide us with feedback, please compleat the form below and well will contact you with product test links.

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