Manage every aspect of your business remotely

From the first contact with a customer to accounting and everything in between

Dispatch Board

A unique and customisable overview of your business updated in real time. Keep an eye on individual jobs or view the big picture.

Job Diary


Sorts and saves customer contacts, photos, notes, plans & sketches, invoices, emails and texts in one place - forever! Eliminates filing and makes organisation and impressive customer service easy. 

Mobile App

Our app allows you to handle all your on-site tasks on your phone or tablet. Take photos, mark them up, fill out worksheets, get customer signatures. It’s easy to use and customizable to your business.

Job Allocation

Drag and drop jobs into team member’s schedules. Live updates for your whole team means that instant dispatches for urgent jobs have never been easier.


Know exactly what each member of your team is doing at a glance.

Intelligent Addresses

Our system checks addresses as you type them, makes sure they’re correct and links them with Google Maps.

Travel Time Calculations

Optimise your work day by knowing the exact location and best routes when you’re on the road.

Health & Safety

Complete essential paperwork efficiently and accurately while on the road or in the office. Ensure legal compliance and accurate record keeping with minimal effort. Bespoke solutions are available.


Eliminate the need for paper time cards. Your team checks out of each job as they go about their day and our system records their hours.  

“Our admin used to be paper based. Everything we did generated another piece of paper and more data entry along with it. Now we are 100% more efficient. ServiceGuru has cut down on my admin workload by 50%, which is 4 to 6 hours saved per week.”

Samantha, ASM Truck Diagnostics, London and Essex

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