Effortless organisation is at hand

It really is possible to be organised with drastically less data entry and filing.
ServiceGuru organises everything relating to each customer in one place. It helps you fill out quotes and invoices using the customer data you already have on file, and even reminds you to follow up on quotes to avoid potential business slipping through the net.

With the time you save you can grow your business, spend more quality hours with your family or just go fishin’.

Job Diary

Sorts and saves customer contacts, photos, notes, plans & sketches, invoices, emails and texts in one place - forever! Eliminates filing and makes organization and impressive customer service easy.

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Customer records 


Keep all your customer data in one-easy-to-find location, making it quick and convenient to update. Record individual notes on each customer and see a full history of all the jobs you have completed for them.

Follow-up Reminders

Never forget to follow up on a quote again! With integrated follow-up reminders our system won’t let any potential customers fall through the cracks.

Files & Photos


Take photos or attach files within our mobile app. You can attach before and after photos to customers’ invoices or send schematics to your team when they’re on a job site. Files are organised for you and are easy to find in the job diary the next time you need them.

The system keeps the details of all customers organised. It’s allowed us to manage more customers, more quotes and more people working for us.

George Tilley, Tilley & Co., SE England

Using ServiceGuru has really streamlined the way we handle jobs. It’s quite intuitive and just flows. Other systems I tried seemed to be a bit of a patchwork quilt. We needed something that would let us handle all aspects of a job on a mobile device and ServiceGuru delivered.

Mark, Lockfast, SE England

We’ll help with the admin so that you can spend more time on what matters.
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