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You're On your way to super productivity and beyond
We know just how important your business is to you! You've done the hard bit and found a super system that will really help you grow and realize all your business dreams.
Now let us help you get the most out of this fantastic system!
First things first,
let us get you booked into your system training to get you off on the right foot
45 Minutes of Free 1- to -1 Training


Whether you just need to cover the fundamentals, have a question about a specific process or are a seasoned pro, this is an essential start to getting the most out of your system and is a great way for you to get to know us a little better in person. 

Don't go it alone - We're here to help!
We want our customers to be comfortable using ServiceM8 from day one. With heaps of useful features it's a good move to enlist a little help - especially if that help is free.
ServiceGuru - Your secret weapon for all things ServiceM8 
ServiceGuru is proudly ServiceM8's UK's dedicated support partner, made up of a small team of passionate people all with a love for small business. 
We have been at it for over 5 years and over this time we've developed lots of expertise and best practices for working with ServiceM8 across all sectors. As such we put our hard-won experience into every business we work with throughout the UK.
With 580+ satisfied customers, we can almost certainly help you with what you need, regardless of your level of experience. You will also be glad to know, we know just what it's like running a small business, so we price our products and services very competitively.
Here's what we can offer you:
Full System Setup


Get your system off to the right start and realise the full value ServicM8 can generate for your business. Let us do it right for you the first time. We'll make sure you get the most out of your M8 system while you focus on running your business. We can setup your whole system or only the bits you need and price accordingly.

System Training


You'll get the most out of ServiceM8 if you and your office and field staff feel confident using it. We offer training modules and a flexible one on one approach so that you get exactly the training you need. Whether its understanding the system as a whole or advanced training for those have been using the system for a while, we have you covered. ServiceGuru can come to you for on-site training, do it remotely or you can come to one of our training facilities in London or Cambridge. Training is available to suit all requirements and budgets. 

Invoice & Quote Design and Customisation

Your customers judge you by the face that you show them. Sending them professional quotes & invoices that showcase your brand gets you more return business. We design beautiful quotes & invoices and can display information in any format to suit your needs. Competitive pricing and quick turnaround make us the easy choice for looking professional.


Compliance certificates, job sheets, customer surveys, safety inspections, training certificates, delivery confirmations - if you use it we can build it! We can transform the forms you use now for use with M8 or design new forms that showcase your brand. Include the elements you need like diagrams, photos, signatures, drop-down menus or calculations. We offer quick turn around times and competitive pricing to help you banish paper forms forever.

Customisation, API & Integration


We have years of experience with front and back end customisation. We can make your M8 system work with other systems you use or extend M8's capabilities, for example, online quoting system, dedicated reporting tools, automatic email triggers, integration with 3rd part software like HubSpot and SAP. If you can dream it up we can probably make it a reality. Give us a ring and we'll let you know if your idea is possible - with no obligation.

Troubleshooting & Support

We keep UK hours, know UK best practices and are here to help you. Our support team can assist you with any issues you may be having. Give us a ring or send us a message and we'll get you back on track quickly and affordably.

Workflow Streamlining


You have M8, now get the most out of your system. Let us assess your business workflow and we'll tell you how to arrange things so that you reach your full business potential. Calling us is a small step that can yeild a massive pay off. 

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