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Working with customers is full of surprises. Our communication tools help you keep yourself and your team organized and up to date with our productive communication tools.
With ServiceGuru your team will have instant access to all the files they need for a job - from schematics to photos to worksheets - without needing to speak to you or the office. You can update everyone simultaneously with our news tool or push messages to individual team members.

Our system makes keeping in contact with your customers easy too with automatic notifications and reminders, feedback requests, and even SMSs telling them if you’re stuck in traffic. Surprises? No sweat. You’ve got it covered.

Notice Board

Update your whole team simultaneously using our newsfeed tool. You can push photos or files to one or all of your team members. The feed shows you a log of everything that goes on during the day.

GPS Tracking

See your whole team in real time on one map to help them optimize their work day. Know what’s happening and when.

Files & Photos

Take photos or attach files within our mobile app. You can attach before and after photos to customers’ invoices or send schematics to your team when they’re on a job site. Files are organised for you and are easy to find the next time you need them.

Screen Shot

Customer Notifications

Set automatic reminders for your customers to make sure that they know when to expect you. You choose how and when you want to remind them by email or SMS.

Working with ServiceGuru has made us less stressed and I’ve noticed we make fewer mistakes. We spend more time getting on with work because it’s made us more efficient.

Simeon, Adaptation Station, Uxbridge

ServiceGuru’s system keeps the details of all customers organised. It’s allowed us to manage more; more customers, more quotes, more people working for us.


George Tilley, Tilley & Co., SE England

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