Does it sometimes feel like admin, data, organisation and coordination are holding your business back? With the right tools at hand, you can make your business simpler, easier to run and more professional.
Here are just some of the tools ServiceGuru offers to save you time and win you more business.

Job Diary

Sorts and saves customer contacts, photos, notes, plans & sketches, invoices, emails and texts in one secure location! Eliminates filing and makes organisation and impressive customer service easy.

Notice Board

Update your whole team at once using our newsfeed tool. You can push photos or files to one or all of your team members. The feed shows you a log of everything that goes on during the day.

Screen Shot

Mobile Quotes

Send professional electronic quotes to your customers while you’re still on site. You can also update them later if needed.  

Professional Invoicing

Our system fills in customer information and job details for you so invoicing is fast and seamless. You can email, print or even SMS professional invoices to your customers directly from the system saving you heaps of time and making you look good.

I initially came to ServiceGuru because I was looking for a better way to quote and invoice my customers. After I learned more about their system I realised that it could also help me keep track of the progress of each job, the tools we used, the materials we ordered, the hours we worked, our scheduling and job allocation - nearly everything.

Brendan, SLP Electrical Contractors, Cardiff

Working with ServiceGuru has made us less stressed and I’ve noticed we make fewer mistakes. We spend more time getting on with work because it’s made us more efficient.

Simeon, Adaptation Station, Uxbridge

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