ServiceGuru Add-ons

Designed specifically to help you become even more efficient in what you do, allowing you to introduce additional functionality to your system as and when you need. All of our add-ons have been created to save you time, offer more to your clients, and ultimately help you make more on the bottom line!

Customer Portal  
Do you find manually updating your clients individually slow and time-consuming? Save time and offer a faster service with the ServiceGuru Customer Portal. Designed to make communicating with customers effortless, Customer Portal allows you to share information about job status, images, documents, forms and booking dates in one simple, convenient and secure location. Your clients can book new jobs, see job times, attach documents, receive quotes and invoices, and make payments. Suddenly, communicating with your customers is easy and so much more efficient.
  • Communicate efficiently with your customers
  • Share the job information you want with with your customers
  • One click set-up
  • Reduce requests for information from your customers
  • Share important information in one simple to use system
  • Certificates and forms easily accessible to your customers
  • Let your customers accept quotes and pay invoices directly
  • Let your customers add notes and attachments as well as book jobs should you wish
Free for 7 days, thereafter £17.99pm
Stock Management

The ServiceGuru Stock Management add-on is an indispensable tool for managing your stock. Purchase stock and manage its allocation from within the app. Create a purchase order, send it to the supplier, allocate stock to vans, and see when stock is received. With this intuitive app, you complete all stages of the process from within the dashboard a fully centralised process for maximum efficiency.
  • Purchase stock and manage its allocation
  • Create a purchase order, send it to the supplier, allocate stock to vans and see when stock is received
  • Manage the whole process from within ServiceM8 for maximum efficiency
Free for 7 days, thereafter £39.99pm
Staff Portal  

Manage staff leave and capture important staff details with our Staff Portal. Store information from certificates, drivers licences and payslips to medical and next-of-kin contact details. Keep  notes on each staff member and track equipment that has been assigned to them, plus much more.


The Staff Portal helps you manage  staff leave effectively. Once the manager has assigned the number of days’ of leave, a staff member can log into their account to  request leave. Their manager is then emailed the request and can approve/decline it with a simple click. Staff can see how many days’ leave they have remaining, request additional leave and see upcoming time off.

  • Track the number of days of leave each staff member has taken
  • Staff can book leave directly through the portal
  • Approve staff leave requests in one click right from your email
  • Store important staff information and certificates 
  • Store important notes
  • Store details of equipment supplied to staff
  • Upload company handbook and other documents that staff can then access from their login
Free for 7 days, thereafter £14.99pm
Job Tracker
The ServiceGuru Job Tracker offers simple and effective task management for jobs and projects. Break down a job into a set of tasks that are fully synced with ServiceM8. For each task, keep track of the due date, job progress and time taken to complete it to get a better sense of the things you’re doing well and where you might want to improve. Job Tracker is perfect for complex jobs, such as those which  require you to coordinate a team on site. Best of all, it’s highly flexible, enabling you to complete a variety of tasks from building templates in seconds to tracking activities outside of M8, such as To Do Lists.
  • Perfect for jobs that require multiple staff involving numerous tasks over days or months
  • Track job progress in real time
  • Allocate tasks to specific staff members
  • Create task templates consisting of frequently required tasks
  • Notify clients of job progress as you go
  • Tasks appear in the job card assigned to that staff member
  • Know exactly what still requires doing for a project
  • Track days remaining until project deadline
Free for 7 days, thereafter £47.99pm
Vehicle Portal  
The ServiceGuru Vehicle Portal allows you to store and track information on all your vehicles, from servicing, MOT, inspections & repairs and equipment associated with particular vehicles, such as tools, ladders and vehicle safety equipment. Best of all, the Vehicle Portal’s automatic vehicle inspection setting helps you stay compliant and ensure staff complete vehicle inspections when required.
  • Store important information and images of each vehicle in your business
  • Record and set reminders for next service date
  • Record and set reminders for MOT or required government vehicle inspection
  • Schedule and assess staff vehicle inspections with associated inspection forms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Store information of equipment on that vehicle e.g. first aid box, tools, ladders, GPS, etc.
  • Store driver details e.g. licence points, insurance details, etc.
  • Access accident report forms directly from any job card
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Quick Quote
ServiceGuru Quick Quote allows you to build quotes in seconds by creating templates of descriptions and sets of materials. Build a kit for a new water heater installation, for example, consisting of several materials and a description as well as a checklist you want tour team to follow, then simply apply that template each time you need to do that type of job and your quote and its description and checklist are all done in one click. You can also add several templates at a time to build the perfect custom quote for a customer. Best of all, it only takes seconds to setup.
  • Build a quote using pre-built templates in just one click
  • Build part kits for frequently used items
  • Adds description automatically
  • Add multiple quote templates at once to build your quote in seconds
  • Quick Quote will automatically add checklist to your job card to ensure the job is done right every time
Free for 7 days, thereafter £4.99pm
Team Scheduler 
Schedule multiple staff in one click  with the ServiceGuru Team Scheduler. Have a job that requires several staff members to attend? Simply select the team members and the booking time and click schedule. It's that easy!
  • Schedule multiple team members for the same job in just a click
  • Perfect for jobs or meetings involving multiple people
  • Super quick and easy
Free for 7 days, thereafter £2.99pm
Information Request
The ServiceGuru Information Request add-on allows you to quickly and easily request pictures, documents or any other information you may require for your customers directly through the job card. Select the information you would like from your customer, and then hit send. Your customer will then receive a link via email or text message, where that can respond and attach the relevant details you require. You can even allow your customers to choose a booking time slot that suits them with responses saved directly to that job card.
  • Ask your customers a question and their answer will be automatically attached to the job card
  • Convenient for both you and your customer
  • Request images e.g. of equipment, leaks, or areas with restricted access
  • Save time from not having to visit site
  • Allow your customers to book directly in the diary within a specific window and for specific staff
  • Send info request via email or text
  • Images requested open your smartphone's camera app and save pictures directly to the job card
  • Perfect for requesting information from a tenant and for establishing a suitable booking time

Free for 7 days, thereafter £4.99pm
Staff Incentives  

The ServiceGuru Staff Incentives Add-on allows you to set up incentives for staff members based on a task you’d  like them to carry out or services and products you’d like them to promote. The incentive can take the form of a fixed value, a percentage of a sale or points,  all of which can be viewed on a report by date and staff member.
  • Increase your productivity significantly
  • Incentivise staff to complete tasks, e.g., filling in warranty cards, tidying site, selling a service
  • Incentives can be either a fixed price, a percentage of item value or points
  • Generate report of all incentives earned by staff with one click
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Key Performance Indicators / Reporting

The ServiceGuru KPI/Reporting Tool allows you to take your business to the next level by using the data stored in your system to create insightful reports and KPIs. The Key Performance Indicator add-on gives you instant access to detailed analytics. The KPI / Reporting add-on comes with our standard reports preloaded. We include several standard free reports, with additional custom reports built to order. Contact our support team for more details and to discuss your requirements. Additional reports can be purchased from our ever-expanding reports library too.
  • Retrieve valuable system data with just one click
  • Custom-built reports based on your requirements and the data you need
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • All reports downloaded as CVS files
  • Gain a deeper insight into how your business is performing
  • Ensure targets are being met with essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Free for 7 days, thereafter £14.99pm
Subscriptions Plans 

The ServiceGuru Subscription plans is an add-on will allow you to sign a client up for a plan and move on to the next, no need to worry about following up with that client to remind them their service is due or even to ask them if they would like to re new their plan, this is all automated with our triggered emails. Reduce admin with key reports that will let you know who is on what plan, when they signed up and even notify you if a payment has failed.
  • Create service or maintenance plans which can then be sold on site quick and easy
  • Create recurring jobs associated with a plan, e.g.,  boiler or alarm service, pool cleaning or grass cutting, etc
  • Stripe integrated for seamless recurring payment taking
  • Create renewable revenue easily 
Free for 7 days, thereafter £29.99pm
Job Steps 

Have a specific set of steps your team needs to carry out on site? With ServiceGuru Job Steps you can set these up on a material item by item basis, e.g., 1. Fill in warranty card, 2. Reset password 3... etc. Ensure the jobs get done right the first time and nothing is forgotten.
  • Create a set of steps to be carried out based on the materials or service on the work order.
  • Create steps to ensure compliance
  • Steps are marked off as they are completed
  • Ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Great for new staff or a new process within the business 
Free for 7 days, thereafter £1.99pm

ServiceGuru Whereabouts gives you a quick and easy way to find out where your staff are and what jobs they’re checked into. Use our add-on to see when your staff check into a job and when they check out in real time. Has a member of your team forgotten to check out? Simply click on the toggle to check them out and say goodbye to recorded time overrun. ​ - See which jobs staff are scheduled to do - See what time a staff member started that job - Easily check-out a staff member if they have forgotten to do so - View a staff member’s last five check-in and check-out times and location
  • See which jobs staff are scheduled to do
  • See what time a staff member started that job
  • Easily check-out a staff member if they have forgotten to do so
  • View a staff member’s last five check-in and check-out times and location
Free for 7 days, thereafter £4.99pm
Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T)

The ServiceGuru Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) add-on offers a simple and effective way to carry out PAT testing and certification on the go. Record, store, report, print, email, and send PAT test records. Add images to evidence dangerous appliances, schedule retest dates and produce professional reports. Works with any manual PAT tester.
  • Quick and simple tool for recording PAT test on site
  • Use direct from the job card
  • Tap on values required for efficiency
  • Smart list saves location and appliance details for quick lookup and reduced time for the technician
  • Report table can be edited in case of an error
  • Final report generated as a PDF in just one click
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Automatic Document Uploader

The ServiceGuru Automatic Document Uploader allows you to attach documents or PDFs to a material and services line items so that each time that item is included in a job and saved, the document or PDF will automatically be added to that job card. Perfect for product brochures, chemical data sheets, health and safety procedures.
  • Automatically attaches documents and PDFs associated with materials and services to a job card
  • Add an item or material and the associated document/pdf will automatically be attached and appear in the job card
  • Perfect for:
    - Chemical data sheet
    - Health and safety procedures
    - Product brochures
    - Service manuals
  • No more searching for documents and attaching them manually
  • Always attached and easy to email or share with customers directly from the job card in the office or on site
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Purchase Order Generator

The ServiceGuru Customer Purchase Order add-on allows you and your team to create purchase orders within a job card. Simply select items in your materials and service list, set the quantity and select your supplier from the dropdown, and click 'generate PO'. The PO is then saved to that job with its own unique reference and can be sent to your supplier directly from that job, maintaining a full audit within the job diary.  
  • Quickly create POs within a job card 
  • PO saved to the job card as a PDF ready to send directly to supplier
  • See lists of all POs generated on that job card as well as a list of all pending POs
  • Select items from material and services list with one click
  • Split PO between two suppliers
  • Save supplier details for rapid PO creation
  • Mark when PO is sent and when items are received
Free for 7 days, thereafter FREE
System Triggers 

The ServiceGuru System Triggers add-on gives you even more control over your system and the ability to automatically communicate with your customers based on a trigger action. Perfect for sending out renewal notices, following up quotes through multiple stages, notifying clients of actions taken, etc. Set the action, set a delay, then create a message / text / message and text which the system will send automatically. Then sit back as your system does the heavy lifting (remembering).
  • Automate contract and certificate renewals for inspection
  • Automate warning notification for expiring warranties
  • Automate messages to customer based on a specific job action, i.e. work scheduled, job completed, etc.
  • Automatically re-market to a customer that has had a quote for a long time, e.g., discount offer
  • Automatically follow-up with a customer to see if they need addition services, e.g., additional carpets cleaned
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Navigational Links

The ServiceGuru Navigational Links add-on is perfect for any business offering a service involving multiple destinations, such as removal companies, transport companies, taxi services, etc. Navigational Links allows you to add more than one destination to a job card. The user can then navigate to the next stop at the click of a button direct from within the job card.
  • Perfect for delivery/removal companies, transport businesses and taxi services
  • Next stop Nav button access directly from the job card
  • Simple set up of additional stops / destination
  • Smart Google address look
Free for 7 days, thereafter £1.99pm
Job CSV Import
The SerivceGuru Job CSV Import allows you to import a big list of work requests via CSV, sort through those requests in ServiceM8 and covert the ones that needs actioning into jobs. Whether its work requests from a call centre to moving work orders from an external CRM system into ServiceM8 then the ServiceGuru Job CSV Import is the tool to do so easily and efficiently.  
  • Sort through work requests from an existing CRM system
  • Import a large amount of work request into ServiceM8 without using any job credits
  • Easy to use
  • No need to double input data
  • Only available on desktop
Free for 7 days, thereafter £7.99pm

The ServiceGuru Discounts allows you to easily create discounts on a percentage basis and apply those to any job taking away the long manual process of what was by simply selecting the discount you would like to apply and clicking save
  • Create percentage-based discounts
  • Easily apply those to a job
  • Track who has applied the discount
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Material Manager 

The ServiceGuru Material Manager really does change the game of updating prices or imputing new materials/services into ServiceM8 fast & efficiently. This add-on will allow you to download your entire materials list, make the alterations in an easy to use format and upload all the alterations in one go. If you want to delete old products, input new materials from suppliers or simply alter the cost price/ product price of any current material/service then this is the add-on to help you do so.
  • Make alterations to existing products/services
  • Add new products/services
  • Bulk delete products/services
  • Import new prices easily
  • Only available on desktop
Free for 7 days, thereafter £2.99pm

The ServiceGuru Reminders allows you and your staff to set crucial specific reminders meaning what is usually forgotten, will now never be. The add-on will allow you to set reminders for either yourself or a different member of staff, notifying them with a pop-up message on the lock screen & the ServiceM8 app when the reminder is due.
  • Easily set custom reminders sent to a specific person
  • Notifications when the phone is locked
  • Pop up on the ServiceM8 app
  • Easily view past and future 
Free for 7 days, thereafter £4.99pm
Installment Plans

The ServiceGuru Installments allows you to make your more expensive products and services, more accessible to your clients by allowing them to spread the costs of any job into small manageable installments. Manage your installment plans through the installments dashboards, giving you the information of who owes what and when, as well as getting notified if any payments have failed or been missed. Powered by stripe, collections of all payments are fully automated meaning you can click and forget
  • Makes taking installment payments easy and straightforward
  • Close more business by giving you customers flexible payment options with peace of mind
  • Custom payment options for each job or invoice
  • Fully automated payment system seamlessly integrated with your Stripe account
  • Keep track of your customers installment plans through the installments dashboard
  • Send terms and conditions to customer by SMS. Customers accept terms and conditions by recording a short video, providing indisputable evidence of their agreement
  • This add-on is available on both the ServiceM8 dashboard and app
Free for 7 days, thereafter £19.99pm
Advanced Quoting

Up sell your quotes using ServiceGuru Advanced Quoting. With this add-on, you can create a quote which gives the standard option while also presenting your customers with other attractive options which include additional services or the use of premium materials. The customer simply opens the quote and selects the option they like best. Advanced Quoting is a great way of encouraging customers to opt for premium services, helping your business generate a greater profit.
  • Generate interactive quotes that help you up sell
  • Give your customers the chance to choose additional services and / or to use premium materials
  • Customer simply opens quote and selects their preferred option and accepts the quote
Free for 7 days, thereafter £12.99pm
Advanced Acceptance

The ServiceGuru Advanced Acceptance add-on, your customers can now accept a quote and book in a time that suits them at the same time. This fast and seamless process makes accepting quotes and book jobs effortless, helping you to get business and reduce admin fast.
  • Maintain momentum, by completing two essential tasks at the same time
  • Customers can accept quotes and book time slots simultaneously
  • Makes booking jobs fast and effortless for customers, while reducing your own admin
Free for 7 days, thereafter £9.99pm
Attachment Privacy 

The ServiceGuru Attachment Privacy allows you to decide who gets to see your attachments to the job card, over and above of your standard security roles. When you include an attachment to a job card, you can make it visible to selected individuals and invisible to everyone else. Ideal for when you have confidential information that not everyone with access to the job card should see, whether that’s supplier invoices; financial information; access control information, such as passwords and gate codes, or other security details
  • Decide which individuals get to see your attachments to the job card while making the attachments invisible to everyone else
  • Ideal for communicating confidential information intended for specific individuals
  • Helps you treat sensitive information, such as supplier invoices, financial information, access control information and other security details, with the necessary discretion
Free for 7 days, thereafter £2.99pm
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